About me

Susan at Jessie's Reiki

Hello and Welcome to an explanation of my journey to becoming a Reiki 2 practitioner. My name is Susan, from an early age I had always felt drawn towards healing and knew there was " something else ". I went on in life and became an Aux Nurse in our local hospital which I loved.

In 2001 I became ill and after a few tests I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, everyday I felt ill. I was put on different medications but felt nothing was helping me. In 20I0 I heard from a family member about Reiki, she was having it weekly and said how much it helped her. So, I thought what have I got to lose and booked myself a Reiki session treatment.

As soon as I started having the first session I felt better and calmer within myself than I had for a very long time. I am now in remission. I decided to learn about Reiki and all the benefits that can be had from Reiki.

I took my First Degree Reiki on the 26th of Feb 2010. It changed my life it awoke something in me. On the 14th of Aug 2010 I went on to become a second Degree Reiki 2 practitioner, I had a beautiful log cabin built in my garden and would give Reiki to family and friends.

I was all set to start my own Reiki Practice when my husband became very ill so I had no choice but to put my business plans on hold In 2017, we we're lucky enough to get our little shop selling handmade items which slowly over the years we felt drawn towards selling Crystals, Gemstones, Chakra Jewelry. Buddha’s and anything Angel Inspired. I had been feeling for months that I should be doing my Reiki and again was luckily enough get another unit which had become vacant.

This unit will now become my Reiki Treatment Room. Reiki is such a wonderful thing. When I treat myself to Reiki, I always feel calmer, happier and feel connected to the universe. Everything just feels simpler, calmer and peaceful.